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Minor & Major Car Service

Minor & Major Servicing  

Maintain an excellent drive and smooth handling with affordable minor and major servicing.


  • In-house scanning machine for accurate diagnostics in all major services
  • Luxury car service for affordable prices
  • Get the best resale value when it’s time to sell
  • European car specialist with over 15 years experience

Regular servicing at your dealer can be costly. And unnecessary. Your independent European car specialist can service your car as well - or even better - than your dealership. What’s more, you can speak directly to the person servicing your car.

Brilliant workmanship  

A prestige car deserves prestige workmanship. And that’s what we’re known for at Euro Auto Care.

We understand your car isn’t just a car.
It’s a lifestyle.
An experience.
A pleasure.

Servicing a European prestige car is different from servicing any other car. Yes it has 4 wheels and an engine. The basics may be similar.

But European cars have more electrical systems than the average car. Your car was designed to be unique. it also has its unique set of common problems.

The average mechanic might mis-diagnose an issue that looks obvious in the average car.

More than 15 years servicing European cars means we can quickly and accurately figure out the main cause of any issue.

We know when certain problems will happen in a new European car. We know what needs to be replaced. And how it can be replaced - using quality, reasonably priced aftermarket parts.

We specialise in servicing:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • VW
  • Audi
  • Land Rover
  • Chrysler
  • Mini
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini

Service to factory specs

To help you keep your factory warranty, your minor and major servicing will be done according to your manufacturer’s logbook.

We’ll top up, replace, test, lubricate, clean, and scan the relevant parts of your car to make sure it keeps running smoothly for longer.

  • Air filters
  • Drive belts
  • Safety components eg. seatbelts
  • Steering and suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes (front, rear, parking)
  • Lights
  • Wipers
  • Tyres (tread and pressure)
  • Oil and fluids including:
    Cooling system, Brake fluid, Battery fluid & electrolyte levels

Crystal clear pricing

Expect accurate and affordable prices. Honest pricing that works with your budget.

As a reputable independent European service centre, not only will you get more affordable pricing than dealerships, you’ll have someone working on your car that has been spannering cars like yours for more than 15 years - as opposed to an apprentice at your local dealer.

Straightforward communication

Before we even touch your car, we’re committed to fully discussing your vehicle. It is an honour for us to service your car. So tell us about it and we’ll listen.

Tell us how it drives, what you’re worried about, its history, what more you want out of it.

We’ll explain in easy language for you to understand what needs to be done and why - even if you have limited knowledge of mechanics.

You’ll leave feeling confident and comfortable your car is in the hands of a professional.

We are based in Hoppers Crossing and service European cars from customers who travel from:

  • Werribee
  • Point Cook
  • Hoppers Crossing
  • Wyndham Vale
  • Williamstown
  • Altona
  • Footscray
  • Melbourne CBD

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